Our Privacy Policy

Aid will ask if it can collect information about how you use the app. We use this information to help inform ourselves about problems within the app and understand how people use the app. You can turn this tracking on or off at any time in the app settings.

Personally identifiable information

Aid currently collects no identifiable information about you. Personally identifiable information means information that we could use to find out specifically who you are. We don't collect this.

Non-personally identifiable information

Aid will ask you if it can collect non-personal information about your usage of the app. This data cannot be tracked back to you, but is instead used to identify trends. For example, some of the data we collect includes:

  • When you select a charity from the list
  • When you make a donation via text to a charity successfully
  • If the app crashes, what caused it to crash

This allows us to answer questions such as "What percentage of people view a charity and donate?", or "How much have all our users donated this month?". We cannot tell that you personally made a donation to that charity.

We use Google Firebase to track analytics and data will be shared with them. Google comply with GDPR as well, and you can find more information here.

When you use the app, we generate a unique token for you, which is used to make sure you can securely access our data. This is anonymous and cannot be tracked back to you.